CREATE-ivity is a challenge that blends design, art, and story telling with technology.  A team of students will write a story based upon a theme.  Set design and art are combined with technology (motors, gears, sensors, control systems) to devlop a unique and engaging form of artisic expression.

This year's challenge theme is Emotion.  Teams will develop stories which span human emotion, or focus more deeply on one or two emotions.  Which ever path is chosen it is sure to be engaging.  The documents below explain in detail the 2017-2018 CREATE-ivity Challenge: Emotion.



   CREATE-ivity 2017-2018 Challenge Description

   CREATE-ivity 2017-2018 - Section 1 - Introduction

   CREATE-ivity 2017-2018 - Section 2 - The Challenge

   CREATE-ivity 2017-2018 - Section 3 - The Tournament

   CREATE-ivity 2017-2018 - Section 4 - The Technology


   CREATE-ivity 2017-2018 - Appendix A - Inspection Guidelines

   CREATE-ivity 2017-2018 - Appendix B - Awards


   CREATE-ivity 2017-2018 - Inspections Checklist

   CREATE-ivity 2017-2018 - Judging Rubric

   CREATE-ivity 2017-2018 - Story of the Day Framework









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