To inspire and prepare the youth of today to become the engineers and scientists of tomorrow.

This will be done via competitive robotics competitions that are...

Compelling – Competitions will include both sports-like (head-to-head) competitions as well as engaging social interaction through teamwork and alliances. A signature event will be held annually to reward and celebrate team's accomplishments.

Accessible – By use of re-usable robotic kits/components, low annual and tournament registration fees, and costs structured to reward schools/programs with multiple teams, we will help ensure cost is not a barrier to participation.  Tiered events and activities will be offered that make hosting events accessible to any size school or group.

Inspiring – Robust challenges and tournaments that keep students engaged throughout the year, are educationally rich and give appropriate focus to mechanical and electrical engineering, and computer programming skills.  All participants will be surrounded by others aspiring to live up to the Values of CREATE.

Safe – Careful selection of equipment and focusing on proper safety procedures will insure all participants have a safe environment to compete in.


CREATE Values - "Honor by Design"

Honest - Do "what's right" when no one is looking.

Competitive - Always give your best.  Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.  Be respectful of your teammates, coaches, mentors, competitors, judges and spectators.

Collaborative - Act in the best interest of the team's goals and be supportive of each other.  Share knowledge, tools and parts with other teams.

Leader - Encourage, praise, involve and constructively challenge your teammates.

Professional - Works hard and is determined.  Overcomes obstacles.  Is well trained and acts in a professional manner.

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