CREATE is excited to be part of the worldwide phenomena of Educational Robotics Competitions. Get all the facts about this years challenges as well as information on the U.S. Open at our tournament home page. To register for any of the events worldwide visit

In support of Educational Competitve Robotics CREATE is pleased to participate in the following ways:

  • Video Judging For large events wishing to have each team present their story but help ease the tournament schedule CREATE has developed the following Video Judging procedure along with support documents.  We hope you can find the following of use:
  1. VRC, VEX IQ,and OPEN Documents
    1. Team Video Judging Guidelines
    2. Event Partner Video Judging Guidelines
    3. Event Partner Video Judging Rubric  
  2. Documents for VEX IQ - STEM Award
    1. Team Video Judging Guidelines - VEX IQ - STEM
    2. Event Partner Video Judging Guidelines - VEX IQ - STEM
    3. Event Partner Video Judging Rubric  - VEX IQ - STEM     


  • Open Competition Electronics Loaner Program. To help keep costs down for teams that want to participate in CREATE's Open program, we offer a CREATE Open loaner electronics program.  These loaner electronics are targeted to teams that would like to participate in an Open tournament but are not sure they want to commit to the purchase of the electronics needed.  If you are interested in getting a loaner set please contact us via email at
  • The U.S. Open Robotics Championship. This is the CREATE Foundation's signature event, held in the Omaha area in April.  This event will invite teams from across the World to a celebration of the mind. The event will host not only one of the largest Vex Robotics Competitions but will also include events for grade school students, college students and even professional engineers. More ยป
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