CREATE Junior - CREATE Junior is an entry level program aimed at grade school students. This event gives students, primarily in 4th - 6th grades, the opportunity to create their own unique robotic inventions and compete in alliances learning valuable lessons in technology and collaboration. More »

CREATE Middle - This program is aimed at middle school teams. The season allows middle school teams to compete in the VRC game competing exclusively against other middle school teams.  The challenge will be the same but with an event format that allows for an age/experience appropriate introduction into competitive robotics.    More »

CREATE High - Geared primarily toward high school students (middle school teams are welcome to play up), CREATE High is the main attraction of the U.S. Open Robotics Championship.  Teams from across the World will be invited to compete in CREATE's signature event against the best of the best. More »

CREATE Open - The CREATE Open is an advanced robotics exhibition aimed at any team that would like to try their hand at a more challenging level of robotics. This competition is open to any robotics kits/equipment and teams of any age.  Although most events are geared for teams 12th grade and younger.  Teams from middle school, high school, Universities or even professional engineers are welcome to participate. More »

CREATE-ivity - CREATE-ivity is a challenge geared toward those that want to focus as much on design and art as technology.  Using technology as an integral part of story telling, CREATE-ivity is perfect for a team that can blend artistic flair, design and engineering.  This competition is open to any robotics kits/equipment and teams of any age. More »


CREATE Understanding - CREATE Understanding is a cultural exchange program developed to increase interaction between students from different countries/cultures.  Through international competitions with unique rules, aimed at enhancing the colloration between teams from different countries, international summer robotics camps, and international teacher exchanges, CREATE along with our international partners seeks to foster international understanding and cooperation. More »

CREATE Support - This is CREATE's support of VRC events and other Vex based robotics competitions.  Aimed at helping event organizers and teams in their efforts to inspire and prepare this generation of students to be the technology leaders of tomorrow CREATE offers a number of cost reducing programs. More »

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