Being part of a competitive robotics team is a great way to learn technical as well as leadership and communication skills. It can be a lot of fun and a lot of work. To help teams and coaches CREATE has put together a number of documents for new teams and veteran teams alike. We hope you find the information below useful and we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to make our team page even better.


Getting Started
Getting started can be one of the more confusing tasks in managing a team. To help navigate the steps required our How to Start a Team document may be a good place to start. Once you have the basics down you can find suggestions on what to purchase and what costs to expect in our Pieces and Parts document. You may want to augment the tools that come with the kits, may teams do, to make the construction of your robot quicker and easier. Our Useful Tools document has a number of items that many teams have found helpful in the past. If you are looking for help with instructions on building your first robot check out our Tips for Building Your First Robot.


The documents listed above give guidance on starting team and our What Costs to Expect document will help with budgeting.


You have a team, your parts are on order and you have a coach! At this point a new coach can't help but wonder “What have I gotten myself into” Our Coaches Handbook offers guidance and ideas for new and seasoned coaches alike.


What Every Team Should Know
There are just some things that are important for every team to know. Here are links to information many teams have found valuable.

First a list of important websites:


Funding a Team
Team funding can come from many different sources. Our Team Funding document offers helpful suggestions. One of the many ways teams get funding is through grants. CREATE has gained permission to publish this Grant Example document from a school that was successful in getting funding through this grant. We have removed all references to people and institutions and we hope you find it useful. It offers some excellent ideas on how to present your team and your goals.


Saving $$
Most all teams are looking for ways to get the most out of their investment. Our Stretching Your Dollars document offers suggestions that you may find helpful.

CREATE has no affiliation with any of the companies referenced in the documents above. Explicit part numbers from specific companies have been listed only to assist in finding and ordering useful/needed equipment. If you know of other equipment that you have found useful or similar equipment from other companies please let us know.  


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